About Us

Star Disability Support

Our company was founded in 2020, the year of a change in times that has affected many people across the world. So we wanted to make a difference and help those in need.

It was with this drive and passion that led us in the direction of giving those who may not have a voice in these unprecedented times a platform to feel secure and have their needs met.

We wanted to make a positive change in the way the world viewed people with a disability and the stigmas that comes with it.

We are also very passionate about mental health and are very aware that it is also a big concern among both young and older people today.

We have seen so many peoples lives affected by their mental health, and it can be life-changing not only for them but for their whole families.

Being a family-owned company we want families to be apart of the process and move forward as a unified establishment, as we know just how important family is.

We believe that people with a disability or mental health should be entitled to the same opportunities as the rest of the community, and we want to be there to ensure that this happens.Housing is one of the areas we are dedicated to seeing changes in. We believe that independence is very important, but also understand that everyone values their independence differently and we are more than equipped to meet these needs. We have set out to make ‘group homes’ a thing of the past and get young people out of homes for the elderly.

Star Disability Support was created with this in mind.

Housing respite

Our new model of housing has had the support of many NDIS participants. Private fully furnished, 1 bedroom apartment living, no sharing a kitchen or living area. We want to create a family of support workers dedicated to helping you and your loved ones live a meaningful and empowering life.

Mum and wife, I married my high school sweetheart Rob on a beach in Noosa and we have 3 beautiful children. I grew up in Brisbane with my huge Italian family. I am the eldest of 6 children. So as you can imagine our home was always very loud but mostly it was a whole lot of fun. Even though we had so many of us it wasn’t unusual to have extra people eating around our dinner table or even stay with us for short periods of time. That’s just how my parents were, they had an open-door policy where everyone was welcome, one more one less our door was always open to those in need. My parents instilled in us that family and having people around you that loved and supported you was so important.

My greatest achievements in life have been being a mum to my 22 year old, 17 year old and 14 year old.

I have also accomplished making a career in the community sector for the past 20 years. I started in childcare and since then have worked in both aged care and now disability. With founding Star Disability it has been important to me to create a team of support workers who have the same vision and values as I do in regards to making a difference in peoples lives. I want my company to give the feeling of an open-door policy where everyone is welcome and has the chance to feel safe, supported and loved.